ERAZMUS + пројекат у нашој школи

лого ERAZMUS +

Предвиђено је да од 1.9.2019. до 1.9.2021. године  наша школа учествује у ERAZMUS +  ПРОЈЕКТУ, али због епидемиолошке ситуације активности су продужене до 1.9.2022.

СА ШКОЛАМА ИЗ Словеније и Литваније.


лого нашег пројекта

Циљ пројекта је креирање начина живота у складу са природом, као и интеракција запослених и ученика, развијање комуникацијских вештина на енглеском језику, размена знања и искустава, као и изградња пријатељских односа.



ОШ“Стари град“ Ужице – NEW YEAR AND CHRISTMAS 2020.











food waste- PREZENTACIJA











Dirty and Clean is not the Same


During October, our 3rd and 4th grade students took part in eco activity „Dirty and Clean is not the Same“. They did some research and tried to find examples and take photos of positive and negative impact of man to the environment in our local surroundings. Moreover, the students and their teachers cleaned the area around school.

On the 7th of November, The European Day of Science, the students presented their work and exhibited their photos in our school hall. They also tried to animate other students to take part in sustainable activities: to select garbage at school and at home, to collect bottle caps for humanitarian purposes etc.


„Dirty and Clean is not the Same“

„Dirty and Clean is not the Same“

„Dirty and Clean is not the Same“










Festivity time is coming. Our students traditionally make greeting cards for Christmas and New Year




Our librarian often organizes literary meetings where students read and discuss literature.

This school year they dedicated several meetings  to reading Slovenian and Lithuanian authors.

december, 2020.



Our 3rd and 4th grade students and their teachers made and exhibited their eco Christmas trees and decorations. They used materials for recycling which they gathered while selecting waste in their households. Their work has been promoted in our school hall and the „tickets“ for the exhibition are plastic bottle caps, as our support to the humanitarian activity „Bottle Cap for Handicap“.


OS „Stari grad“




International Day of the Planet Earth

Every year on April 22, the International Day of the Planet Earth is celebrated with the aim of raising awareness of environmental threats, as well as to draw attention to the significance of protecting the nature and to prevent nagative consequences to the environment. This year we celebrated this important date with various activities:

Preschoolers IO Turica
„We don’t throw garbage, we plant flowers“

„What do plants need?“


Younger pupils

Learned in biology classes, and applied in everyday life

On the Day of planet Earth, we handed our canvas bags that we made from used clothes. We also handed flyers with eco messages.

Action „Plant your shade“

Environmental classrooms

Environmental classroom IO Turica

Environmental classroom IO Volujac


On Wednesday, May the 19th, 2021, students of our school participated in the Kahoot quiz with students from schools in Lithuania and Slovenia . The aim was establishish interaction between teachers and students, improving English language skills, as well as the strengthening friendly relations between students and employees of our school and students from Slovenia and Lithuania. The activity was carried out within the Erasmus project „Promoting the development of personal knowledge and creating a sustainable lifestyle“

Miyawaki Forest

In order to increase biodiversity and sustainable development of our region, the older students planted a mini forest of indigenous species of trees and shrubs.

Medicinal herbs

In order to increase biodiversity and raise awareness of the importance of plants for human health, younger students planted medicinal plants.



A visit of partner schools from Slovenia and Lithuania

“Sustainable development represents the integral economic, technological, social and cultural development of society, harmonized with the needs of protection and improvement of the environment, which enables the current and future generations to meet their needs and improve the quality of life”


-Reception at school (performance, presentation, workshops and tour around school


a) work meeting

b) presentation of completed project assignments (Miyawaki forest, garden of medicinal plants,

alphabet of sustainable development)

c) visiting classes with the topic of sustainable development

d) exhibition made by younger students in the school hall (topic Sustainable development)

-Visit to the City hall

a) informing the city authorities with the goals and tasks of the project

b) local media covered the event


-Visit to National museum, Jokanović’s house, Church of St. George-cultural development of society

-Visit to Hydroelectric power plant-sustainable technological development of society (the first power plant in Europe based on Tesla’s principles, produced electricity for street lighting)

-Walk along the beach and the canyon of the river Đetinja-according to the IUCN categorization


-Departure for Tara National Park (Mitrovac, viewpoint Banjska stena, the river Vrelo, Bajina Bašta, house on the river Drina According to IUCN, the highest category of protection of natural resources (natural reserves, experimental and scientific-research fields, immovable cultural goods, natural monuments. It contains the third of the living world of Serbia) where protection measures are applied in terms of sustainable development.

-Visit to Memorial center Kadinjača: sustainable cultural development of society



-Departure for Zlatibor: nature park category by IUCN with diversity of wildlife and measures

of protection in terms of sustainable development

-Visit to Stopić’s cave: a monument of nature according to IUCN

-Visit to the museum “Old village”in Sirogojno: sustainable cultural development of the society



-Departure for Duboko landfill: a sanitary landfill with all the sustainability categories of a modern landfills

-Visit to Art school: cultural development of society

-Departure for Mokra Gora: according to the IUCN category Landscapes of outstanding features with all sustainable measures protection




Project : Promoting the development of personal knowledge and creating a sustainable lifestyle


Tuesday 21/9/2021

9:00     Reception at school ( performance, presentation, workshops and tour around school)

12:00                   Visit to City hall

13:00-14:45        Visit to National museum, Jokanović’s house, Church of St. George

15:00                    Lunch

16:00                    Visit to Hydroelectric power plant

16:40                    Walk along the beach and the canyon of the river Đetinja

19:00                    Dinner


Wednesday 22/9/2021

9:00                        Departure for National park Tara (Mitrovac, viewpoint Banjska stena, the river Vrelo, Bajina Bašta, house on the river Drina)

14:30                      Lunch

16:30                       Visit to Memorial centre Kadinjača

Thursday 23/9/2021

9:00                         Departure for Zlatibor

10:00                       Ride on “Gold gondola“

12:15                       Visit to Stopić’s cave

14:30                       Visit to museum “Old village“ in Sirogojno

16:00                        Lunch in Mačkat

20:00                        Cocktail party

Friday 24/9/2021

8:00                        Departure for Duboko landfill

9:00                        Visit and presentation of the landfill

10:00                      Visit to Art school

11:00                       Departure for Mokra Gora

13:30                       Ride on “Šargan eight “railway

15:45                       Lunch

16:15                       Staff meeting: evaluation and plans for the next activities

16:30                       Visit to Drvengrad

                                 Departure for Lithuanian team


Saturday 25/9/2021

9:15                         Departure for Zlakusa

10:00                       Visit to Potpeć cave

                                  Departure for Slovenian teams

Departures are in front of Hotel Aria.

Erasmus+ team                                                                    The principal

                                                                                                 Stanimirka Smiljanić Raonić




Online meeting of partner schools (Serbia, Slovenia and Lithuania).  Students and teachers presented their activities, which they were engaged in in the previous period. Our team prepared a presentation of endemic species of western Serbia.

Endemic species of western Serbia


Today our first grade students have planted two white pine seedlings. During planting they learnt about the importance of protecting the environment and the importance of afforestation.

Тоday we held the online meeting with partner schools.

A visit to partner school from Lithuania


ERASMUS+ Promoting the development  of personal knowledge and creating a sustainable lifestyle